Thank you for subscribing.

Your Balance Mat is on its way to the address you have provided.

You should receive the computerised mat component of the Balance Mat system by Australia Post within two weeks.

The software component (that makes the computerised mat work) can be downloaded from at any time.

When you receive the mat please contact Balance Mat Pty Ltd software engineer Abishek Shrestha at or mob. 0449 970 096. He will set up an account for you that will enable you to log on and run the mat from your own computer or laptop and access the Balance Mat test results system. Please have your preferred user name (the email address you will use to log on to the Balance Mat system) ready for Abishek. He will give you a first-time password that you will be able to change once you are logged on to the Balance Mat system.

Should you have any queries I would be happy to chat with you at any time by email at or mob. 0457 123 852.

Please copy and save this information in your own records.

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Ian Bergman
Business Owner

Balance Metrix

Mob. 0457 123 852