• By Published On: 17/07/2024
    Balance Mat researchers-Anthony-Leicht-Carol-Flavell-and-Moira-Smith-from-JCU

    An esteemed team of allied health researchers from the College of Healthcare Sciences at James Cook University (JCU) in Townsville has established their methodology protocols for a body of research involving the Balance Mat. The team will comprise two researchers ...

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  • By Published On: 18/05/2024

    I was humbled by the support my Balance Mat invention and I received at the Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) Research to Practice event held in Sydney from 2 to 4 May 2024. Research On the "Research" side of ...

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  • By Published On: 30/04/2024
    Balance Mat inventor Ian Bergman was flown to Sydney by air ambulance

    This long-form story is intended to dispel any confusion about the respective roles of Balance Metrix and Balance Mat Pty Ltd personnel. In light of an announcement on LinkedIn by my fellow board member George Tulloch in April 2024, “After ...

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  • By Published On: 24/04/2024

    Barbara Cullinan – a physiotherapist with 23 years of experience – is Balance Metrix’s newest innovation partner. Barbs is using the Neurometric Balance Mat to help people living with Parkinson’s disease at The Park – Parkinson’s Wellness Centre on Queensland's ...

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  • By Published On: 08/03/2024
    The Neurometric Balance Mat is measuring the balance ability of elderly Singaporeans at the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI). Pictured is Mr Leow Zhun Hong (study senior clinical research coordinator).

    A team of leading ophthalmology researchers who have been using the Neurometric Balance Mat in Singapore for the past nine months have provided me with this brief research update. Known as the PopulatION HEalth and Age-Related SEnsory Decline PRofilE (PIONEER) study, the ...

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  • By Published On: 23/11/2023
    Hassan Qureshi from Holistic Exercise Physiology and Ian Bergman take a moment to talk Balance Mat

    Balance Metrix is currently on the lookout for sports and vestibular professionals in the exercise physiology and physiotherapy disciplines who can help us establish the Balance Mat in allied health practice. To support that goal we are currently offering suitable ...

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  • By Published On: 20/07/2023
    Dr Isaac Selva Raj with prototype Balance Metrix system at RMIT Sep 2019

    An important milestone in Balance Mat history has been reached with validation of the Balance Mat by a Perth university researcher. Dr Isaac Selva Raj (pictured) is Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Exercise and Sports Science at Edith Cowan University School of ...

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  • By Published On: 20/06/2023
    Multimetric Balance Mat from Balance Metrix

    People often ask me how the Balance Mat works. I have jotted down a few words to answer the most frequently asked questions. The Balance Mat measures the postural sway of a person standing on the mat in certain stances: ...

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  • By Published On: 06/06/2023
    Associate Professor Zhen Zheng is leading a balance testing project at RMIT University in Melbourne

    I am delighted that a team of researchers from Melbourne's RMIT University will investigate the reliability and accuracy of Balance Mat data. Under the leadership of Associate Professor in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Dr Zhen Zheng from the RMIT University ...

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  • By Published On: 03/05/2023
    Ravi Visvanathan & Roger Hausmann in Singapore - Balance Metrix

    Balance Mat first physiotherapy clinic customer in Singapore For several years Balance Mat Pty Ltd Associate Roger Hausmann has been liaising with Ravi Visvanathan, Managing Director & Principal Physiotherapist of Hallmark Physiotherapy in Singapore on refinements to the Balance Mat ...

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