Our Team

Ian Bergman

Balance Metrix Business Owner

Ian Bergman Balance Metrix Business Owner

Ian Bergman is the named inventor on the Balance Mat patent and Managing Director of Balance Mat Pty Ltd, the company that owns the Balance Mat intellectual property and manufactures Balance Mat products, develops software and maintains the balance measurement database.

He is a co-founder, seed investor and substantial shareholder of Balance Mat Pty Ltd – a wholly owned subsidiary of Perimeter Security Industries International Ltd, a Canberra-based public unlisted company. Both companies are registered in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Balance Mat Pty Ltd operates from the Canberra Technology Park in Watson, ACT, while the Balance Metrix business is registered in New South Wales and operates from Port Macquarie.

In his role as Balance Metrix owner Ian is always excited to talk about the Balance Mat and happy to answer any questions you may have. He is in charge of delivery, training and organising ongoing technical support from the Balance Mat Pty Ltd electronics engineers and software developers.

Contact Ian Bergman on 0457 123 852 or ian@balancemetrix.com.au

Margaret Metz

Balance Metrix Business Manager

Margaret Metz Balance Metrix Business Manager

Margaret Metz has been helping her partner Ian Bergman market and communicate about his Balance Mat invention since July 2017 when she was Marketing Manager for Balance Mat Pty Ltd. In 2022 her role producing marketing and communications collateral and managing the company’s branding was taken over by Ian’s two fellow board members as part of their fundraising efforts.

She is now managing the Balance Metrix business that Ian established on 22 June 2022 to sell Balance Mat products under licence from Balance Mat Pty Ltd. As Business Manager, Margaret is responsible for telling the Balance Metrix story, including who’s using balance metrics and why.

Margaret would be happy to help you choose the type of system that suits you best and whether you choose to subscribe, buy or take out a guest subscription.

Contact Margaret Metz on 0418 577 746 or margaret@balancemetrix.com.au